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Digamber / Shwetamber Jains

A simple and solemn affair, a Jain wedding is a series of rituals like Phere, Havan and Granthi Bandhan. For the Jains, marriage means a public declaration of a man and a woman’s intention to stay together for entire life. The community also gives its support to the couple by participating in the wedding.

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Brahmin, Rajput and Kayastha

A Rajput Wedding comprises of various ceremonies such as the Tilak (engagement), the Ban (commencement of wedding ceremony), the Mel (community feast), the Nikasi (departure of the Bridegroom party for the wedding), the Sehla, and the Dhukav (reception of wedding party). Solemnisation of the wedding is referred to as Sat Phere.

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Bibah Bandhini

Bengali, Oriya and Assamese

A Bengali wedding is a series of elaborate and colourful rituals that are conducted prior to, during and immediately after the wedding. The event starts with Ashirbaad and the wedding is solemnised in the form of a ceremony called Yagna, wherein the wedding couple sits in front of the sacred fire and chants mantras along with the priest.

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Riddhi Siddhi

Aggarwal, Gupta, Marwari, Maheshwari, Khandelwal & Gujarati’s

Gujarati’s are typically very enthusiastic people and even their marriage events are very colorful and boisterous. The typical Gujarati wedding begins with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Then it continues in the form of various traditional ceremonies including Kanya Daan, Hasta Milap, Antarpaat, Madhuparka, Griha Shanti, Jaan, Pheras, and Saptapadi.

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Laawan Phere

Jat, Khatri, Arora, Ramgarhia Sikhs

A Sikh wedding is an elaborate and pompous affair with great food, music and dance. Traditionally speaking a Sikh bride wears a bright Salwar Kameez. The colour of the Kameez is mostly red or magenta. The actual wedding is solemnised in a Gurudwara in a ceremony known as Anand Karaj.

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Cosmopolitan / Professionals

Our team is well versed with the evolving trends and marriage aspirations of the new-age professionals who prefer to select their spouse on the basis of education, personality and career standing, giving less emphasis on traditional factors.

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Sunni and Shia Muslims – Nikah

Once the Ijazat (Permission) from the bride has been obtained, the Nikah/wedding ceremony is conducted in the presence of the Qazi who reads selected verses from the Quran. The marriage is registered in the form of a Nikaahnaama (Marriage contract) that needs to be signed by bridegroom, the bride, the Maulvi and one witness from each side.

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Elite and High Profile families

Sycorian is well-versed with the expectations of high profile elite families while planning a matrimonial alliance. It is this understanding that has made us the most preferred agency among the Indian elite as well as NRIs.

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